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Buzzcut is an Australian owned and operated business that can cater for all of your concrete cutting and drilling needs. Our highly trained staff have years of experience in the industry and have the knowledge and skill to undertake any project.

Main services offered are listed below. Contact Us with any enquiries.

Floor Sawing

Buzzcut has the latest in floor sawing equipment and has the flexibility and skill to cater for any floor sawing project. Floor Sawing is the most commonly used cutting method.

Floor Sawing...

Core Drilling

Buzzcut is your no. 1 choice when tackling your next core drilling project. We have the knowledge, expertise and the latest in coring equipment to complete your job safely and efficiently.

Core Drilling...

Hand/Wall Sawing

Buzzcut has the skill and experience to undertake all your wall sawing projects. We have highly specialised equipment that is portable and easily setup by our trained operators.

Hand/Wall Sawing...

Expansion Cuts

Buzzcut carries all the equipment you need for expansion cuts in your freshly poured concrete slab - expansion Cuts or early entry sawing can begin within hours of a concrete slab being poured.

Expansion Cuts...

Hydraulic Sawing

Hydraulic Sawing is used in sensitive areas where fumes may be an issue. These saws can be used for cutting floor and walls and are ideal for use in confined spaces.

Hydraulic Sawing...